Haywood County, NC: The Beginning

First established in 1808, Haywood County was named for John Haywood, the North Carolina Treasurer from 1787 to 1827. It is in the western section of North Carolina. The land that makes up present day Haywood County was once part of Buncombe County. Originally Haywood County encompassed all the lands west of Buncombe County to the Tennessee state line with the exception of Indian Territories.

The first court was ordered to be held at Mount Prospect, at which time the justices would decide on some other place until a courthouse could be erected. In 1809 the justices of the peace were authorized to appoint commissioners to erect the courthouse. Waynesville was confirmed as a town by legislative act in 1810 and it has been the county seat ever since. The name of Waynesville first occurs in the record of the court of pleas and quarter sessions 1811. “In the erection of the public buildings at Mount Prospect there was laid the foundation of the little city of Waynesville”.

The evolution of Haywood County lands:

  • 1808 Haywood County is formed from Buncombe County lands
  • 1822 Haywood County gained from Indian lands and extended to the Georgia state line
  • 1828 Macon County is formed from Haywood County lands
  • 1851 Jackson County is formed from Haywood and Macon County lands

Present day Haywood County is adjacent to North Carolina Counties: Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, Transylvania, Jackson & Swain; and extends west to the Tennessee state line.

More History of Haywood County

More Haywood County History coming soon…

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