The War of 1812

Haywood County, NC: The War of 1812

The following information is from a publication titled "Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812: Detached from The Militia of North Carolina," published in pursuance of the resolutions of the General Assembly of January 21, 1851,under the direction of the Adjutant General. Raleigh. Printed by CH. C. Raboteau, at the Times Office. 1851. Note: A non-circulating copy of this publication is available for viewing at the Haywood County Public Library, Waynesville Branch, North Carolina Room.

Muster Roll of the Detached Militia, Organized in August, 1814. General Officers designated to command in this Detachment of Militia: Montford Stokes, Major General; Jeremiah Slade, Brigadier General; Jesse A Pearson, Brigadier General. This Detached Militia consisted of seven regiments organized by county.

The Seventh Regiment to be composed of the counties of Lincoln, Rutherford, Burke, Buncombe, and Haywood. Officers of the Seventh Regiment: Andrew Irwin, Lieutenant Colonel Commandant; William Cathey, First Major; Nathan A. McDowell, Second Major.

Haywood County

Note: The names of Soldiers are spelled as they appear on the Muster Rolls and may be inconsistent with current spellings of proper names.

John McClure, captain John Oliver Malachai Boland
Elijah Dever, lieut Benjamin Enloe John Middleton
John Dever, ensign Edward Coiter William Watson
John Welsh Jesse Enloe John Nelson
Joseph Cathey James A Ellis Henry Anderson
Jethro Cathey George Penland Martin Hefley
Christian Howel William Rogers Nicholas Massey
Benjamin Hatfield James Williams William Montgory
Jonathan Hains John Telley George Hiffley
James Campble Robert Penland John Anderson
Andrew McClor Hirom Gray Isom Gurly
William McClure William Murray James Welsh
Benjamin McMullen William Crawford Hugh Donalson
Charles Evenes Josiah Crawford Mark Colmer
Richard Clark Joseph Chambers Elisha Foller
Abraham Eaton John Lord John Mann
William Goodwin Andrew McLon John Tollor
Lazarus Eaton Joseph Dunn Samuel Corter
James Chambers John Bell Samuel Robeson
William Chambers Andrew Bryson Thomas Watson
James McFarland John Middleton John Watson
Bailey Fleming Jonas Denton James Love
Champ Langsford Andrew Hopper Loyd Heyson
David Elder Jonathan Denton  
John Dillord James Peterson  

This publication includes a page of memoranda with notations about various requisitions including the following:

A requisition was made by Major General Thomas Pinckney, for one Regiment to march to the defense of the Southern Frontier of the Sixth Military District of the United States. In consequence of which, orders were issued from this office, calling forth the Detached Militia from the following counties, to wit: Anson, Richmond, Moore, and Cabarrus, to rendezvous at Wadesborough, in Anson County, on the 24th February, A.D. 1815. Also to wit: Wilkes, Burke, Rutherford, Buncombe, Haywood, to rendezvous at Wadesborough, in Anson County, on Wednesday the 1st day of March, A.D. 1815. Of this Regiment the following officers were designated to the command, to wit:
Andrew Irwin, as Lieutenant Colonel Commandant;
John McGimpsey, of Burke, as Lieutenant Colonel;
Jesse Allen, of Wilkes, as 1st Major;
and Thomas Lenoir, of Haywood, as 2nd Major.
The orders from this office were dated on January 25th, A. D. 1815.

The lists of Soldiers were certified by the Adjutant General:

Adjutant General’s Office   }
Raleigh, March 22d, 1851 }

I do hereby certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that the foregoing
is a true copy of the names of the Officers and Soldiers of the Detached Militia
of North Carolina, in pursuance of a Requisition of the President of the
United States, in virtue of an act of Congress, passed 10th April 1812.

Robert W. Haywood,

Adjutant General, of the
Militia of N. Carolina